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July – October
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This hike is demanding. It starts at 550 m above sea level and goes up to 1400 m before it drops abruptly down to 250 m. The logo/symbol for the hike depicts an ochre coloured cross, as shown. Painted markers and logos, signs with logos and cairns mark the route. You start steeply up Hardingarinden, to the base of Staberget and then towards Stabergsdalen. When you’re in the valley, Stabergsdalen, you cross the river and follow the route towards Langedalen. On top of Langedalshaugen is a big cairn, from where you can get the last chance of a view of Krossdalen. The hike continues up Langedalen where, at the top you cross on a snowfield to the right of the lake, Langedalstjørna. You will, shortly reach a pass at the end of the lake. This is easy to cross if there’s still a snowfield in the pass. A hiking group with a rope might be advisable if summer snow seems to be lacking in the mountains. On top of the next incline you reach 1400 m above sea level and you get a superb view of the mountain plateau. The Pilgrim path now merges with the Dravladal cattle track and continues towards Brakastauren and Høgstaleitet. If there is still remaining snow, the Pilgrim path looks like a white stripe across the mountain plateau. The route now declines slowly from Høgstaleitet down to the river, Bleieelva and Reiseteeggje, either on snow or otherwise on a «track» on the right side of the valley. Cross the river, Bleieelva on snow if it’s safe. If not, you can move further down towards the lake, Revavatnet and cross the river at the pipe bridge. After crossing Bleieelva, the Pilgrim path joins the cattle track coming from Botsvatn. The hike continues down to the cairn at Reiseteeggje, which is 1200 m above sea level. You can get an outstanding view of Hardangervidda and the mountain side down to Sørfjorden. This is the starting point of the steep 1000 m descent. The track down the mountain is to be restored during 2012 - 2013, so that it can once again endure the use of packhorse transport. If there is still a lot of snow in the mountains the snowfield, Skjortefonn – just below Reiseteeggje – can be large, in which case a rope might be useful. Halfway down the mountain side the path crosses the river, Reiseteelva. At the bottom of the slope, below the power plant dam you cross the Bleieelva and carry on down the farm road until reaching Streifsteinen at Reisete. This could be a pick-up point if you have pre-arranged car/bus transport. Public transport service is attainable 3.7km further on down the road, at Nå.


July – October. PLEASE NOTE! You must NOT do this trip in the winter. There is danger of avalanches in the winter. The path down to Reisete passes through the avalanche course, which occur every winter.

Tips from locals

Use hiking boots, a lot of the hike is usually on snow. Even though you might start the trip in fair weather, conditions can rapidly change to wind and rain/snow. Be prepared and have waterproof, windproof and warm (wool) clothes, including warm headgear and mittens, in your kit bag. A rope might be useful. Bring enough food and drinking water for a long day in the mountains. You must take a compass and map (or GPS) with you. Cell phone signals are mostly lacking on the mountain plateau. You are free to walk anywhere in the hills and mountains. Take care of the nature and show special consideration to all wildlife. Please do not litter. This is not a hike for people with bad knees or such because the route is so steep, both up and down. If you’re not well trained, or experienced mountain hikers, do the trip with someone who has local knowledge. There are annual organised pilgrim tours and other group tours can be organised on request (www.jondalkyrkje.no).


Take road 105 from Jondal towards Folgefonna. After 8.0 km turn right just before the bridge. (Close to the road junction is an information board showing details of tours 11 to 19.) This is a toll road for those continuing by car. The pay point is about 100 m in from the main road. You can pay by cash or card. After 2.0 km take a gravel road down to the left hand side. Continue 2.7 km until you find the information board and the sign for the hike. If arriving by car, find a spot to park off the side of the road. Parking at own risk.

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