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There is an information board at the car park and a sign marking the route towards Fodnastøl. The woodland path is good and easy although it can be a bit muddy in places. When you get a sighting of the waterfall, Fodnastølsfossen, the path forks and hiking signs mark the directions towards both Fodnastøl and Vatnasete. (This tour describes a round trip heading first to Fodnastøl. The character of the hike is quite similar if you should choose to go in the opposite direction.) After choosing to proceed towards Fodnastøl, you will shortly arrive at the watershed from the lake, Fodnastølsvatnet. The waterfall is particularly beautiful during the snow melting in the spring, or after heavy rainfall. The path passes closely to the waterfall and continues towards the lake. On arrival at the lake you can view the cluster of mountain cabins at Fodnastøl on the opposite bank. The marked trail does not include the cabins, but we recommend that you take time for a detour up to them. The hiking markers however, continue on and then down to the lake, Vatnasetevatnet. The path follows along the lake and brings you up to a hiking sign close to the cabins at Vatnasete. The sign marks the routes to Eggjasete/Stuasete (see tour 9) and to Solhaug. Take the route to Solhaug which loops back to where you first sighted the waterfall, Fodnastølsfossen.

Season: May – October/November.

Hike number 6 on Jondal hiking map.

Tips from locals

Bring food, drinking water and windproof clothing. We advise you to use hiking boots. If it’s been dry for a while you could use trainers/sneakers. We recommend that you bring a map of the area and a compass, or a GPS. Good cell phone signals covering most of the hike. Dogs must be kept (by law) on a leash at all times between April 1 and August 20. Open fire is prohibited in the hills and woods between April 15 and September 15. You are free to walk anywhere in the hills and mountains. Take care of the nature and show special consideration to all wildlife. Please do not litter. Ask the Tourist Information («Juklafjord») regarding angling/fishing and the purchase of fishing permits.


Take road 550 2.0 km north east from Herand quay. Turn right, on to a forest road, just before the Samland bridge. If proceeding by car a fee (toll) is asked. The pay point (for cash only) is 20 m in from the main road. Continue 1.8 km up the road and turn left at the sign for Solhaug. Keep on this road another 1.3 km until reaching the end. Car parking is fairly limited and please remember to leave enough space for other visitors to turn their cars around. Parking at own risk.

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