Jondal National Park Village

Visit Jondal, a unique National Park Village in Norway!



Since 2008 Jondal has been one of five National Villages in Norway- and this is one of a treasure!

The National Park Villages all have something in common. The villages focuses on environmental and sustainable development, strong cultural traditions and excellent access to the nearby national park. In addition, the National Park Village of Jondal has natural and cultural attractions of its own, old wooden houses, boat building traditions, good accommodation, and a wide range of holiday activities. The National Park Village of Jondal offers a wide range of services and amenities, making it the perfect base for exploring Folgefonna National Park and the rest of the peninsula.

The spectacular and unique road to the glacier and Folgefonna National Park starts from the village. There is no better way to visit the National Park than driving this 19 km long road from the fjord and to the foot of the glacier. This connection offers great possibilities for adventures both on the fjord, in the mountains and on Folgefonna Glacier.

Why not start the day skiing or hiking at the glacier, and in the evening cool down with a swim in the Hardangerfjord? You can also enjoy a cup of coffee viewing the fjord and its breeze at Café Juklafjord. The beach at Vik has a diving board and sanitary facilities, as well as a sand-volleyball court, and if you would like to see the fjord from the cockpit of a kayak!

Explore one of the 35 marked trails near the village or join a guided walk on the glacier!

At the Juklafjord Information Centre, you will hopefully find answers to your questions about Folgefonna National Park. A wide range of regional maps are available at Juklafjord, including hiking and bicycling maps. Here you can also rent kayaks and bicycles, and book your guided glacier hike.

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